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Contracts that work for you

Businesses accomplish more when business automation is embedded directly into their legal contracts

A turnkey platform for legal contracts that fulfill their own terms

Enterprises and law firms need usable technology, not an IT project. Hunit's platform includes all the elements you need to use Contract-Embedded Automation to create Smart Legal Contracts (SLCs), onboard counter-parties, record your SLCs on a fully compliant distributed network, and capture new business value

End to end workflow

Data Management

Embed business automation into existing Word documents

Hunit authoring interface no annotation.png

Structure human input like interpreting subjective clauses or approving key steps

Incorporate live external data like key interest rates, IOT devices, or asset registries 


Embed payment facilities to handle settlement between parties


Create self-managing compliance by defining the behaviour of digital assets (equity, debt, title, intellectual property)

Hunit's platform is in beta operation with selected partners
Full availability in January 2024

Use Cases

Use cases for contracts with embedded automation

Climate Tracked Finance.jpg

Climate tracked infrastructure finance

Climate performance and financial performance are now linked by a growing body of regulatory disclosure packages such as European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclose Regulation (SFDR). This means that reporting on the climate impact of an investment is now as important as its financial performance. When used for infrastructure financing agreements, Hunit’s SLCs allow both the financial and climate performance of infrastructure investments to be automatically collected and transparently reported to all stakeholders, such as banks, funds, and the asset operators themselves.


Maritime EU ETS compliance

The maritime sector now faces the complex task of integrating the European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS) into its operations. The ETS mandates comprehensive emissions reporting and matching against purchased EU carbon allowances for voyages involving EU ports, creating a multifaceted challenge for shipowners, charterers, and cargo owners. Hunit's SLCs tie together and improve the various solutions being used for data collection, EU report preparation, and carbon allowance matching. 

business-person-planning-alternative-energies (2)_edited.jpg

Green energy sale and certification 

The energy market is becoming significantly more complex. Liquidity solutions based on short settlement times are increasingly required to participate and physical delivery of energy is only part of this new market. The data about where, how and when energy was generated has gained paramount importance. Right now, these guarantees of origin are delivered over email as PDFs and the market lacks tools to match real time power consumption to generation by renewable sources.

What's better about Smart Legal Contracts


Smart Legal Contracts with contract-embedded automation transform your business’s accuracy, efficiency, and value capture

Eliminate busy work

Use ‘people time’ efficiently - automated tasks complete on their own or make it easy for people to provide their input


Reduce risk

Prevent the errors or breaches that create risk in a deal or contract 


Hassle-free customisation

1 copy or 10,000 - SLCs are equally efficient. Agree to one-off terms without the hassle


Keep your hands on the controls

Use automation but retain control - pause or intervene in processes as needed, ensuring ultimate flexibility and oversight


Follow through accurately

Automated tasks make sure that the agreement is fulfilled to the letter


Enable total

Up to the minute records tell you where an agreement is in its lifecycle and instantaneously alert breaches


Data security

Choose where your SLC’s encrypted data vault is physically stored (GDPR)


Integrate your data

SLC makes records of every action and document related to a contract – stop having to look through different email inboxes or data platforms


Gain new insights

Improve your business intelligence by dashboarding and analysing portfolios of agreements


Legal certainty

Onboard, blockchain-verified data storage assures total certainty over record keeping accuracy


Make accurate & secure payments

SLCs receive, process and forward payments according to the agreement’s terms


Improve counter-party performance

Contracts are a two-way street – automated tasks and prompts improve your counter-party’s performance too


Enable new business models

Pursue opportunities that that weren't previously viable because they require too many manual tasks vs. too little value per transaction


Stop making contracts ‘less bad’ – turn them into powerful tools that optimize relationships and free you to focus on core business

Don't take risk with your legal agreements

Hunit is the only fully compliant platform supported by key regulators and industry leaders

Hunit's multi-year product development cycle has been based on an intensive process of regulatory analysis and customer focus groups. We've had to build an innovative Web3 network to assure full compliance with court processes, solicitor regulations, and data privacy laws. 

Read our defining analysis published in partnership with the Smarter Contracts programme of the UK Jurisdictional Taskforce. Our research was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Justice's LawtechUK programme, the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority, and leading minds from universities and international law firms.


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