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PDF = Probably Did Forget

If your legal agreement can be saved as a PDF, its a value drain - not a value gain

Don't be a Probably Did Forget company

Legal Process Automation converts your legal agreements from static to active

Transform your business’s accuracy, efficiency, and value capture

Hunit’s platform makes upgrading your natural language agreements into Smart Legal Contract based Legal Process Automation as easy as formatting text. We offer AI-assisted authoring tools, a court-compliant Web3 architecture, and proven regulatory buy-in.

Once signed, your legal agreement takes over and manages its own obligations for you and your business partners.

See our use cases below for examples of how.

Stop making your legal operations ‘less bad’ – turn your contracts into powerful tools that optimize relationships and free you to focus on core business.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Legal Process Automation uses Smart Legal Contracts 

Don't take risk with your legal agreements

Hunit is the only fully compliant Legal Process Automation platform supported by key regulators and industry leaders

Hunit's multi-year product development cycle has been based on an intensive process of regulatory analysis and customer focus groups. We've had to rebuild how our Web3 network functions to assure full compliance with court processes, solicitor regulations, and data privacy laws. 

Read our defining analysis published in partnership with the Smarter Contracts programme of the UK Jurisdictional Taskforce. Our research was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Justice's LawtechUK programme, the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority, and leading minds from universities and international law firms.


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Use Cases

Use Cases for Legal Process Automation


Business loan administration

Commercial loans, asset-based lending, receivables lending, and trade finance solutions all share common pain points. Drawdowns occur only after the completion of complex conditions precedent, post-drawdown reporting is critical to success, monitoring of international money laundering and sanctions lists creates risk, underlying collateral needs management, and large borrowers often demand one-off customised terms that are difficult to fit into management routines.

Transactions people.jpg

M&A closings and asset sales

The number one most used platform for managing the steps and documents in a complex deal closing is the email inbox. Which version of a document is current, which steps have been signed off, and who signed them off based on what documentation is a process full of manual administration and fraught with opportunities for error. This prolongs deal closing, introduces risk, and impedes smooth execution. Lawyers, finance and compliance teams spend hours on these steps.

business-person-planning-alternative-energies (2)_edited.jpg

Green energy sale and certification 

The energy market is becoming significantly more complex. Liquidity solutions based on short settlement times are increasingly required to participate and physical delivery of energy is only part of this new market. The data about where, how and when energy was generated has gained paramount importance. Right now, these guarantees of origin are delivered over email as PDFs and the market lacks tools to match real time power consumption to generation by renewable sources.

Hunit's platform is in beta operation with selected partners
Full availability in January 2024

A turnkey platform

Enterprises and law firms need usable technology, not an IT project. Hunit's Legal Process Automation platform includes all the elements you need to create Smart Legal Contracts, onboard counterparties, record responsive legal agreements on a fully compliant Web3 network, and capture previously lost business value

End to end workflow

Data Management

Write the SLCs that you need

Hunit authoring interface no annotation.png

Structure human input like interpreting subjective clauses or approving key steps

Incorporate live external data like key interest rates, IOT devices, or asset registries 


Embed payment facilities to handle settlement between parties


Create self-managing compliance by defining the behaviour of digital assets (equity, debt, title, intellectual property)

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