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Get started with self-fulfilling contracts

Register now for discounted first access - May 2024

  • Install and use Hunit for Word to create, review, or modify embedded automation

  • Onboard to Hunit's platform to sign and participate in Smart Legal Contracts

  • Send your Smart Legal Contracts to a licensed counterparty or send them for signature on a on-demand basis


Hunit's full suite of Smart Legal Contract authoring tools is available for free download and use

  • Send Smart Legal Contracts to signature on an affordable per-contract fee structure

  • Micro-fees for actions taken by embedded automation billed on a monthly basis

  • On-demand fees for access to Hunit's professional support teams

On Demand

Harness the power of Contract-Embedded Automation on a per Smart Legal Contract basis

  • Dedicated account support staff and full access to legal support teams

  • Build proprietary capabilities by authoring your own embedded automation in our designer studio

  • Bulk pricing discounts on yearly Smart Legal Contract maintenance and embedded automation fees

Enterprise & Law Firms

Transform your enterprise or client services using Smart Legal Contracts

All accounts registered before May 1st, 2024 receive a 25% discount on platform fees for the first 6 months from launch

Registering your account does not bind you to any financial commitment and no credit card is required
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