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Our Mission

Turn the legal agreement from a value drain to a value gain

Our Journey

Like you, we use a lot of legal agreements. In our opinion, they're jumbles of things that you need to remember to do - usually manually and usually poorly. This holds business back - we know because its held ours back (plus there's a ton of research that says the same thing). Our co-founders looked for a better way (like you're probably doing now) and only found systems that promised to make them a bit less bad.

Around the time that Web3 technology (blockchain) started to outgrow its crypto-origins, our co-founders thought "finally! now we can use fully digitalised legal agreements" and started to put together ideas for a business that could only work if it was based on self-fulfiling legal agreements. As the next step, they started looking for the Web3 based legal agreement platform that they were sure was out there. What they found was that Web3 (as currently used by decentralised finance) and legal agreements don't fit together. With the exception of Hunit's innovative architecture, Web3 - both now and then - simply isn't compatible with what courts and regulators consider to be a binding, compliant legal agreement.

That's when Hunit's co-founders realised that everything that they had brainstormed paled in comparison with the potential of solving the global problem of the analogue legal agreement. After all, legal agreements are the core structure of the global economy and trillions of them are signed every year.

Hunit's team

Aaron Powers.png

Aaron Powers

CEO, co-founder

Track record of developing nascent sectors and early leaders within them. Founder of pioneering companies in mobile IP telephony, agricultural technology and the industry association of record for biological crop inputs, 2 listings, 17 M&A deals, ~$200m in equity raises.

Jan Berger.png

Jan Berger

CCO, co-founder

Disrupter of mature sectors using technology focused business models and innovative finance. Realtime media streaming, IoT, internet-enabled P2P sales and mobile IP telephony. Multiple exits, LSE listing, Fortune 500 partnerships, Wall Street equities ($100m+ AUM).

Gerard Ramos.png

Gerard Ramos


Specialist in delivering high performance technology to large-scale financial applications in Fortune 500 companies. Thought leader in blockchain and smart contract technology, member of Forbes Technology Council, Hyperledger advisory board, Linux Foundation, frequent speaker at open source, blockchain and fintech events.

Luke Ledet.png

Luke Ledet

Director of Platform

Luke Ledet, a native of the New Orleans area, has more than 10 years of experience developing and leading teams to create high-quality software.


Revelry Labs

Technology Partner

Hunit's embedded technology development partner with 65+ senior developers with deep industry experience.

Mark Gretton.png

Mark Gretton


Head of Fixed Income & Investment Banking Clarksons. Previously head of CB for ABG Sundal Collier and Executive Director of Investment Banking UBS.

Jenifer Swallow new.png

Jenifer Swallow

Strategic Advisor

Lawyer and innovation specialist, ex-General Counsel of Wise ($11bn), established the UK Ministry of Justice initiative LawtechUK.

Torkell Vold.png

Torkell Vold

Advisor & GP at JV partner Tide Capital Management

GP, Tide Capital Management, $7B+ of energy transition maritime financing. Previously MD, Offshore Merchant Partners. $5 billion portfolio of oil and gas, shipping assets, MBA SDA Bocconi.

Steinar Nyrud.png

Steinar Nyrud

Strategic Advisor - Maritime

Leading maritime and international Attorney. Previously General Counsel and and MD Nordic Defence Club. Serves as a Director on a number of Boards.


Hunit is proud to be affiliated with the below organisations:

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