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Hunit CEO features on West Midlands business podcast

Hunit CEO Aaron Powers has been speaking to SuperTech, a West Midlands based tech cluster, on their 'Beyond The Capital' podcast discussing why the West Midlands is a perfect location for Hunit to grow.

"When we looked at the Midlands, we felt that it was underutilised from a technology perspective and specifically for us LegalTech. We have created now strong relationships with the University of Birmingham and with the Lloyds Banking Centre for Responsible Business there, where we have a sponsored research programme around best practices for digitalised agreements.”

"We understood more about what was going on with SuperTech and the cluster that was essentially being formed inside the city. Access to fantastic talent in the Midlands and when it comes to, let's say, portability of a presence, having Birmingham be very close to our primary sales market makes it a very manageable transition back and forth."

Listen to the full Podcast, featuring alongside Christopher Purdie, CCO of Birmingham based FinTech M Connect, here.


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